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Shop Tour

This is a picture of my KMG Variable Speed 2x72 Belt Grinder taken in my old shop. This is what it looked like right after I got it a few years ago. It's not as pretty now as it was back then.

Grinding a blade on the KMG in my old shop.

The door to the shop.

This is another picture of my old shop right after I got the KMG Grinder, you can see my drill press and in the very back is my Mini Mill that I converted to belt drive.

This is the 240v Heat Treat Oven that I built. It gets up to 1850 Degrees in 42 Minutes and will hold temp within 1 Degree. It is PID Controlled for accuracy and has ramp/soak capability as well.

This is a Horizontal Quench Tank. It is filled with 5 Gallons of Parks #50 Quench oil and is fitted with a Water Heater Element so the oil can be warmed up prior to quenching. This oil is for "Fast" Steels and I have some Parks AAA for "Slow" Steels.

This is a Knife Vise. It allows me to clamp the knife by the handle and safely hand polish the blade.

Pulling a blade out of the oven right before plunging it into the Quench Oil.

This is my 300 lb. Fisher Anvil as I found her and after I cleaned her up.

My Smithy is a work in progress and will soon have a roof.

Stay tuned,..............

UPDATE: These pictures are from very early in my knife making career. I am in a totally new location now with much, much more equipment. I will leave these up for posterity and I will try to get photos up of the new shop in the near future.

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