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Steel Flat Stock is where my blades begin, either Stock Removal (cut to shape) or Hand Forged (hammered to shape)

Here are some blades that have been profiled and the tangs have been drilled prior to Heat Treating. The surface of the blades will be ground to remove any surface blemishes that are still visible from the extrusion process when the steel was made into flat bar at the factory. These blades will be Heat treated prior to grinding the blade because for the Kitchen Knives pictured the steel is 3/32" thick and has a very good chance of warping during Heat Treat so they are ground after hardening. If the steel is thicker the blades will be ground prior to hardening.

These blades have been Heat Treated and double Tempered to reduce the brittleness after hardening and to reach the target Rockwell Hardness.They are ready to be cleaned up on the grinder and then the blades will be ground and finished.

If the blade is going to be forged the Steel Bar goes in the forge to heat and then the blade is forged to shape with a hammer on the anvil. The blade is ground and normalized, then the blade is Heat Treated and finished using basically the same process as a Stock removal Blade.

Forging a blade on my 300 lb. Fisher Anvil. I made the "Urban Stump" that she is sitting on after I was unable to find an appropriate log locally.

This blade has been ground after heat treatment and then hand finished. It is ready for my Maker's Mark and then either Stabilized Wood or Micarta will be drilled and prepped for the handle along with spacer material (if used) and pins.

After finishing the front of the handle scales where the handle meets the Ricasso, the handle is epoxied together with the pins running through the tang (this is a Full Tang Knife, most forged blades are Hidden Tangs and a block of wood would be used instead of 2 scales) After 24 hrs of cure time the clamps are removed and the handle is ground to shape.

Here is a finished Blade of 1095 High Carbon Steel, it has a Full Flat Grind with a Forced Mustard Patina, Stabilized Black Palm Handle with Stainless Steel Pins.

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